Demi hair color is on trend nowadays. Coloring your hair, especially for women, is really popular for so many years. Besides all of the reasons like want to looks beautiful or want to be more confident, there are also women that want to hide their gray hairs. Because of that, there are some women that prefer demi hair color to other colors (semi-permanent or permanent hair colors). There are some advantages from this hair color, besides semi-permanent or permanent hair colors that make women love this color for their hair. Ion demi permanent hair color is great for those who are still unsure about going all the way. It is not easy to change your hair color because you can never know the final result. Even so, women love it and still want to experiment it.

Advantages of Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color

Demi hair color is suitable for enhancing or darkening the hair color, especially for black colors. This is why; many Asian women love this hair color, because it can make their hair natural color stay longer. This hair color has no ammonia, so that is why this color only can stay in your hair at least for 22 days.  This is different than semi-permanent hair colors that can stay for more than 6 weeks. But, the effect from this color is definitely better than semi-permanent hair coloring products. Because it doesn’t stay for too long, it is a perfect choice if you want to go wild. If you ever thought about unusual colors, you can try it and see whether you like it. Even if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to wait for too long to get rid of it.

Won’t Harm the Hair

This hair color is also safe for everyone’s hair (due to the lack of chemical substances), compared to the semi-permanent hair coloring products that sometimes full of chemical substances. But don’t worry; the effect is still awesome to your hair. Your hair still can look pretty and also stylish if you want to try this hair color. Isn’t that amazing? You can have the best of both worlds with this color. You don’t have to worry about the consequences, because there is none. Now you can enjoy your new and also healthy hair. However, there are some debates regarding this color, because there are some products that have chemical substances and they said these substances can cause cancer disease. That is true, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same when it comes to demi hair color.

How To Use It?

For the usage, it’s same with the other hair coloring products out there. Some demi hair color products can last longer if you apply it carefully from the hair roots, continued to the all parts of your hair. With this simple method, the dark color will stay longer. Another thing that you have to remember is minimize your shampoo usage to make the color stays longer (due to the fact that this color is going away because of shampoo usage). This color is also good for fixing your hair that already damaged from previous hair coloring products.