There are so many shades of each color, you can go with anything. It is amazing how many choices are there for your hair. There are so many colors that you can try, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. This is especially true when it comes to brown hair. Brown may seem dull but is not at all. It has a variety of shades that can look good on everyone. There is a particular shade that we want to talk about since it is becoming more and more popular. We are sure you already heard of ashy brown hair, if you haven’t, learn about it now. Why this color? Well, there are a lot of reasons, and we will present you some of them. Who knows, maybe they will affect you to try this amazing hair color.

Why is Ashy Brown Hair That Popular?

This color is a mixture of dirty brown and a grey that has a hint of silver. They match so well and as a result, give this beautiful ashy brown. This new color doesn’t have to make a big change, you can have a subtle ash look and still see the difference. A hint of ashy highlights will give your hair a fresh look. You can go with an ombre option if you like but later go with more. This way, you will look more natural. Also, it pairs up with everything, for example, a blowout. Every strand of the hair will show off the color beautifully. You don’t need to go all the way if you don’t want to. Dyeing the tips of the hear is just as pretty and complimenting.

What Else?

We can’t forget the highlights on a messy bob. These two go perfectly with one another. Besides a bob hairstyle, ash brown can go with any other hairstyle. If you like straight hair, no problem, it will look amazing. You can try this color with curly hair too. It adds to the volume of the hair and really compliments the whole look. You can’t go wrong with it. It doesn’t matter if you have brown or green eyes, dark or light skin, you will look great. Now it is pretty clear why this color is so trending and popular. It goes with everything and is not so common. It is unusual and that’s why it attracts attention. If you thought about dyeing your hair like this, we warmly recommend you to do it. We are sure you will love it as will everyone around you.

Funny Thing

Many women dye their hair to cover their grey hairs, but it seems the time has changed. These days, young women dye their hair in ashy shades. It sounds really funny when you look at it that way, but we can’t deny the fact how great it looks. Actually, it doesn’t make you look older at all, it makes you look beautiful and modern. Anyway, what matters the most is that you like it and enjoy it. It may be a trend, but the majority of women really love this look.