Changing hair color can be quite challenging for the first timer. There are a lot of colors to choose from and if you have not done it before it can be a pretty daunting task. But if it is done properly then the result will satisfy you. You do not even have to go to a salon to get your hair dyed. We have gathered some tips on how to change hair color yourself. Besides that, we will separately mention short hair and possible colors for it. With short hair it may seem like there are not many options available, but that is so wrong. Truthfully speaking, there are so many crazy hair colors for short hair.

Choosing the color

There are a lot of colors in the market and it can be quite confusing to pick which one you want to choose. First narrow it down to a type of color that you want. Do you want blond, brunette, brown, or any other color? After that then you can choose the color spectrum that you really want. For example you want to dye your hair blond. After choosing blond you can choose between colors like honey blond, highlight blond, extra light blonde, beige blonde, and many other types of blonde.

Prepare the ingredients and tools

After you buy the hair color, you need to prepare the tools that are required to paint your hair at home. Tools like paintbrush, bowl, clips, comb, and towels are essential when dying your own hair. Paintbrush is easier to use than your hand to spread the paint evenly on your hair. Bowls can be used to mix the dye up. Clips can be used to separate areas of your hair, and comb to divide it evenly.

Test first

The first thing you want to do is test the dye on strands of your hair first. Does it match the color that you are looking for? If not then you can try another color. If yes then you can continue painting your whole hair. It’s a common mistake to dye your hair all at once.

Dye your hair

Dye your hair in layers to even the color of your hair. You need to determine how long you need to leave the dye on your hair, because it will affect the color significantly. You can follow the instructions on the package of the dye but most of them have the same instructions.

Crazy Hair Colors for Short Hair

Less hair doesn’t necessarily means less ideas to work with. On contrary, you can do so much in terms of hairstyle and hair color. With a crazy hair color you can have a wild look that will leave an impression. Imagine short pink hair, or even purple, maybe red? You don’t have to imagine it, you have seen it. There are celebrities that rocked that look and everybody talked about it. They looked bold, yet stylish. Have you ever wished about a different look that is not ordinary? If you have, why not try it and love it! You can also dye just parts of your hair, whoever you want. There are so many options and possibilities, it is the same as it is with long hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new, go big or go home! At least that’s what we recommend.