Brown color may sound boring and not so special, but we can prove you wrong. You wouldn’t believe how many shades of brown are there and they are simply gorgeous. Brunettes have such a range of options. There are no two or even five shades of brown, but much, much more. Coloring ideas when speaking of brown are truly limitless. If you are a brunette but were never too happy about it, let us change your perspective. There are so many coloring ideas, for example, ashy brown hair. We will list some of them that we find interesting and beautiful. They are all pretty, but as said previously, there are so many of them. If you are interested in more shades, search them up and see which one you like the most. Here are the ones we recommend.

Honey Brown Hair

As the name suggests, this color resembles the color of honey mixed with brown. It is such a warm color that looks really appealing. It is a great shade for women with lighter skin and light eyes as well. If you were always sad because of your fair complexion, don’t be. With these hair colors you will look amazing. It doesn’t only go well with light skin, but it is beautiful even if you have more of a golden complexion.

Ashy Brown Hair

This color is similar to the previous one, but they are different. It is such a nice and natural shade. If you have hazel or green eyes and golden or peachy skin, this shade will look great on you.

Dark Chocolate Hair

Let’s mention a darker shade of brown. You can’t dislike this color, it is so beautiful and rich. It really adds to the elegance of a person and makes anyone look more sophisticated. Brown eyes and a tanner complexion go perfectly with this hair color.

Dark Brown Auburn Hair

If your hair is naturally a dark brown, think about this shade. It is so warm and deep. It can look good on people with green eyes but on people with brown eyes as well. When it comes to complexions there are, also, more complexion it goes well with. If you have olive, neutral or fair complexion, this hair color will compliment you.

Cappuccino Brown Hair

You can guess the shade of this one if you are a coffee lover. Even if you are not, you know the color of cappuccino. It doesn’t only sound delicious, it looks like that too. This shade will flatter you no matter what is your skin tone, it goes great with every one them. When it comes to the color of the eyes, green or warm brown is a good combination.

Caramel Brown Hair

Last but not least is the shade of a tasty candy. This color is a golden, light shade. If your natural hair is medium brown or dark, this is your perfect hair color. It can enhance your brown eyes as well as green. You can highlight your dark brown hair with this shade, and the result will be amazing.