Elumen hair color is the new innovation that comes from hair coloring products’ industries that liked by many women, especially those women on their young age. One of the innovations from this product is because it can make the hair color looks really different than the common hair coloring products, which is very shiny and also looks beautiful (due to the special substance that known as a translucent stain). Your hair also will looks very soft (like a silk) and also glossy. No wonder, many women love to try this color for their hair, although it’s not recommended for women that want to color their hair for the first time. There is an elumen hair color chart from which you can choose. Well, let’s check some facts about this hair color and reasons of why we recommend it to you.

All About Elumen Hair Color Chart and Its Effect

Elumen hair color is actually same with those semi-permanent hair coloring products. But, if you use this hair color for a long time, your hair color will become permanent. This is why many women, especially for those women that don’t like to use variant hair color products, only use this hair color for their usage. Another fact is about the effectiveness. This elumen hair color is really effective for those damaged hair, compared to the virgin hair. It means that, the color may not stick so much for your hair if your hair is still healthy enough. Remember, this color is not effective for covering the gray colors, so it’s not really suitable for old women. To sum it up, elumen hair color is great for damaged hair but not otherwise. It will give your hair more of a healthy look, which is exactly what you need.

Is It Affordable?

For the price, well it’s quite expensive. However, many women that satisfied with this hair color due to the effect (which we believe actually they are awesome), so that’s why the complaints about the price are not that much. After all, you can’t expect quality to be cheap. If you want something good and worth the money, be ready to cash out a little more. The results of elumen hair color are satisfying, thus the price doesn’t come as a shook. The damage effect is also not that much, compared to the chemical substances from other hair coloring products, so this is also a good news for you. This is something that is really important for women since it can harm their hair in a longer run. They try to avoid products with a lot of chemical substances, which is recommended. If you can afford it, try it out.

Final Information

For the usage, usually women use elumen hair color product with another product that have same color. They use the elumen hair color for the hair length; meanwhile they use another product for the hair roots. With this method, the color will stay longer on your hair, because shampoo actually can wash away the color from the roots. Another thing that you should remember is you can’t use shampoo at least for 4 days after use this product (unless you want to lose those beautiful color on your hair). The texture of this hair color products, most of them are jellies, can make a mess for your hands. Prepare yourself in advance and wear gloves when using it. This is pretty much it when it comes to elumen hair color and what you can expect from it. We hope that this was helpful.