Elegant Style of Gray Hair Color with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

Elegant Style of Gray Hair Color with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

As we age, the pigment melanin that gives color to the hair should, slowly diminishing, and therefore the color of our hair is originally dark, over time turned into light or gray hair color. For some people, there is also caused by genetic factors, where one factor is the cause of vitamin B12 deficiency, also known as pernicious anemia. Therefore B12 is very important for us to maintain our hair color. Previously hair color like thistends to be left out, and even if we do not like our hair has turned into gray. But lately, it’s so different. There is a new trend of gray hair color, may seem strange to some people, but for some others, the gray hair looks elegant and classic. Woman and men also can use this color. To achieve that look, you can use Schwarzkopf silver white shades.

A Cool New Look

If we can combine well, this hair color looks so beautiful. Who use hair color is not only adult women; young women began to glance at this color trend, even Jamie Lee Curtis, proud with her gray hair color. By using hair coloring techniques such as dip-dye technique of hair color, hair color that blends old gray, and the original color of gray hair young. We can use the technique Umbre, old gray color in hair follicles, and getting closer to the end, the gray hair color becomes increasingly younger or even hair coloring Bronde (brown blonde hair color) techniques, old gray in some parts and light gray ash on the other. We can make a dull gray color is so captivating look. We can create our own color combination, which is important looks beautiful and gorgeous.

White Shade for Light Skin

Type of gray hair color is perfect for cool light skin tone. For those who like this kind of hair color, we can use permanent hair dyes in a way, or we can use semi-permanent. The young women mostly use the darker gray hair, but some are using light gray hair. Various hairstyles are also suitable to use this hair color.

Be Bold with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

Some people are bold and they like to try all kinds of things, especially if they are new. There were many who embraced this trend instantly. On the other hand, a lot of us are unsure about changes and how they will look. The main reason is the result of it. You can never know who it will look in the end. Also, it may not fit you and look good on you. We understand that worry since it is completely justified. Then again, you can never know until you try it, right? So, if you thought about it and want to try it out, great for you and your courage. Show how bold you are. Still, we advise not to do that with just any kind of product since they are not the same quality. We gave our recommendation and we know you will be satisfied with the results.


Everything to Know About Hair Dyeing When You’re Not White

Everything to Know About Hair Dyeing When You’re Not White

Skin tone is very important when choosing a hair color. It is not the same if you have light skin or darker skin. Hair is not an independent part, it has to match with the rest of your face. Even the eye color can play an important role. Having that in mind, there is a difference in dying if you are black. Black girls with dyed hair pay even more attention. The process is not completely the same which is why we decided to write this article. We hope to help black women or women with darker skin with dyeing their hair. Here are some of the things that they should know and that can be very helpful.

The Difficulties for Black Girls with Dyed Hair

Every woman wants a change now and then since it can affect their confidence. That is nothing unusual, it is normal and it actually works. One of the most common changes is hair color. Sometimes a different color can suit you even more than your natural one. You can never know what looks best on you until you try it. But of course, not everyone’s hair is the same and the effect won’t be the same. Black women, usually, have thicker and stronger hair. It is harder for them to lighten it. This is especially the case when they wish to go blonde. It takes more than once to go from a dark shade to a light one. After one dye, the difference will be subtle. Dyeing the hair more than once, damages the hair more than once.

Visit a Stylist

The best thing to do when changing to blonde is to go to a professional. Achieving a light color is really hard and there is a big chance you will fail at it when doing it by yourself. You can damage your hair and you don’t want that. So, if you want a lighter color or a shade that is dramatically different, go to a stylist. It will cost more, but the result will be better. They have experience and know what to do. They won’t make mistakes that you probably will when dyeing the hair yourself. Besides, they can advise you on what to use and how to use it. They can give you hair treatments and prepare your hair. Hair treatments can be a big help. Of course, there are hair treatments that you can do yourself instead of going to a salon.

Use Non-damaging Products

It is really important to use quality products that don’t have a lot of chemical substances. You may end up with the color you wanted, but you will also damage the hair. Natural products are, obviously, the best choice. If you can find one, buy it and use it. That way, you won’t have to think about harming your hair. Stylists have high-quality products and they know which one is the best for which hair type. Anyhow, don’t hurry with dyeing your hair without thinking it through. Do it properly and with care.