Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

When you think of blonde, you probably think of only one color and one shade. Now, type blonde and look it up. You will see tons of pictures and every blonde hair is different. That is because there are so many shades. You can choose from a variety of options, not just one color. It is amazing how many tones there are and how each one can compliment you in a different way. You have to take into consideration your skin tone and eyes to choose a perfect hair color for yourself. Since there are so many of them, it will be hard to list them all and not confuse you. When you have a large range of options, you can get lost and spend too much time on deciding. That is why we choose some of the shades that are beautiful and fresh-looking.

Caramel Blonde

You must’ve seen this color on so many women, and for a reason. This is such a pretty color that goes perfectly with a golden or olive tan. Also, it will enhance your green eyes but it looks good with or brown eyes. If your skin is light, it will still match since lighter colors go with light skin.

Chestnut Blonde

When we think about this hair color, we think about Beyonce. Her signature hair color is this one and she is rocking it. It compliments her beautiful bronze skin tone and her brown eyes. Chestnut blonde is such a warm color you can’t dislike.

Blush Blonde

It is a light shade of blonde and it is perfect during summer time. Imagine the beach and you will see a lot of people with this hairstyle for sure. Your hair will look fresh and vibrant. Many celebrities had or still have this hair color, for example, Julia Roberts. It looks so natural, yet stylish. If you want to prevent light shades to wash out, you can mix it with blush undertones.

Icy Blonde

This one is becoming a real trend and it looks so different and attractive. Dye your hair like this and you will look like a strong and independent ice queen. It is kind of a white blonde with a silver shade. If you like to keep up with trends and what is cool, try this one out and make an impression no one will forget. We guarantee you that you will be noticed among the crowd. Icy shade of will illuminate your face and make it stand out.

Golden Platinum

You can’t go wrong with this one, it is a classic. It will make you look sophisticated and elegant. Everything about this shade screams glamour and old Hollywood. It compliments your light skin and brown eyes.

Baby Blonde

This shade got its name because it gives you a youthful look. You don’t have to be a baby to look irresistible and fresh. Change your hair color to this one and there you go. With green or blue eyes, light skin and baby blonde hair, there is no doubt you will look beautiful.