Elegant Style of Gray Hair Color with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

Elegant Style of Gray Hair Color with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

As we age, the pigment melanin that gives color to the hair should, slowly diminishing, and therefore the color of our hair is originally dark, over time turned into light or gray hair color. For some people, there is also caused by genetic factors, where one factor is the cause of vitamin B12 deficiency, also known as pernicious anemia. Therefore B12 is very important for us to maintain our hair color. Previously hair color like thistends to be left out, and even if we do not like our hair has turned into gray. But lately, it’s so different. There is a new trend of gray hair color, may seem strange to some people, but for some others, the gray hair looks elegant and classic. Woman and men also can use this color. To achieve that look, you can use Schwarzkopf silver white shades.

A Cool New Look

If we can combine well, this hair color looks so beautiful. Who use hair color is not only adult women; young women began to glance at this color trend, even Jamie Lee Curtis, proud with her gray hair color. By using hair coloring techniques such as dip-dye technique of hair color, hair color that blends old gray, and the original color of gray hair young. We can use the technique Umbre, old gray color in hair follicles, and getting closer to the end, the gray hair color becomes increasingly younger or even hair coloring Bronde (brown blonde hair color) techniques, old gray in some parts and light gray ash on the other. We can make a dull gray color is so captivating look. We can create our own color combination, which is important looks beautiful and gorgeous.

White Shade for Light Skin

Type of gray hair color is perfect for cool light skin tone. For those who like this kind of hair color, we can use permanent hair dyes in a way, or we can use semi-permanent. The young women mostly use the darker gray hair, but some are using light gray hair. Various hairstyles are also suitable to use this hair color.

Be Bold with Schwarzkopf Silver White Shades

Some people are bold and they like to try all kinds of things, especially if they are new. There were many who embraced this trend instantly. On the other hand, a lot of us are unsure about changes and how they will look. The main reason is the result of it. You can never know who it will look in the end. Also, it may not fit you and look good on you. We understand that worry since it is completely justified. Then again, you can never know until you try it, right? So, if you thought about it and want to try it out, great for you and your courage. Show how bold you are. Still, we advise not to do that with just any kind of product since they are not the same quality. We gave our recommendation and we know you will be satisfied with the results.


Facts about Elumen Hair Color

Facts about Elumen Hair Color

Elumen hair color is the new innovation that comes from hair coloring products’ industries that liked by many women, especially those women on their young age. One of the innovations from this product is because it can make the hair color looks really different than the common hair coloring products, which is very shiny and also looks beautiful (due to the special substance that known as a translucent stain). Your hair also will looks very soft (like a silk) and also glossy. No wonder, many women love to try this color for their hair, although it’s not recommended for women that want to color their hair for the first time. There is an elumen hair color chart from which you can choose. Well, let’s check some facts about this hair color and reasons of why we recommend it to you.

All About Elumen Hair Color Chart and Its Effect

Elumen hair color is actually same with those semi-permanent hair coloring products. But, if you use this hair color for a long time, your hair color will become permanent. This is why many women, especially for those women that don’t like to use variant hair color products, only use this hair color for their usage. Another fact is about the effectiveness. This elumen hair color is really effective for those damaged hair, compared to the virgin hair. It means that, the color may not stick so much for your hair if your hair is still healthy enough. Remember, this color is not effective for covering the gray colors, so it’s not really suitable for old women. To sum it up, elumen hair color is great for damaged hair but not otherwise. It will give your hair more of a healthy look, which is exactly what you need.

Is It Affordable?

For the price, well it’s quite expensive. However, many women that satisfied with this hair color due to the effect (which we believe actually they are awesome), so that’s why the complaints about the price are not that much. After all, you can’t expect quality to be cheap. If you want something good and worth the money, be ready to cash out a little more. The results of elumen hair color are satisfying, thus the price doesn’t come as a shook. The damage effect is also not that much, compared to the chemical substances from other hair coloring products, so this is also a good news for you. This is something that is really important for women since it can harm their hair in a longer run. They try to avoid products with a lot of chemical substances, which is recommended. If you can afford it, try it out.

Final Information

For the usage, usually women use elumen hair color product with another product that have same color. They use the elumen hair color for the hair length; meanwhile they use another product for the hair roots. With this method, the color will stay longer on your hair, because shampoo actually can wash away the color from the roots. Another thing that you should remember is you can’t use shampoo at least for 4 days after use this product (unless you want to lose those beautiful color on your hair). The texture of this hair color products, most of them are jellies, can make a mess for your hands. Prepare yourself in advance and wear gloves when using it. This is pretty much it when it comes to elumen hair color and what you can expect from it. We hope that this was helpful.

Why You Should Try Demi Hair Color?

Why You Should Try Demi Hair Color?

Demi hair color is on trend nowadays. Coloring your hair, especially for women, is really popular for so many years. Besides all of the reasons like want to looks beautiful or want to be more confident, there are also women that want to hide their gray hairs. Because of that, there are some women that prefer demi hair color to other colors (semi-permanent or permanent hair colors). There are some advantages from this hair color, besides semi-permanent or permanent hair colors that make women love this color for their hair. Ion demi permanent hair color is great for those who are still unsure about going all the way. It is not easy to change your hair color because you can never know the final result. Even so, women love it and still want to experiment it.

Advantages of Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color

Demi hair color is suitable for enhancing or darkening the hair color, especially for black colors. This is why; many Asian women love this hair color, because it can make their hair natural color stay longer. This hair color has no ammonia, so that is why this color only can stay in your hair at least for 22 days.  This is different than semi-permanent hair colors that can stay for more than 6 weeks. But, the effect from this color is definitely better than semi-permanent hair coloring products. Because it doesn’t stay for too long, it is a perfect choice if you want to go wild. If you ever thought about unusual colors, you can try it and see whether you like it. Even if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to wait for too long to get rid of it.

Won’t Harm the Hair

This hair color is also safe for everyone’s hair (due to the lack of chemical substances), compared to the semi-permanent hair coloring products that sometimes full of chemical substances. But don’t worry; the effect is still awesome to your hair. Your hair still can look pretty and also stylish if you want to try this hair color. Isn’t that amazing? You can have the best of both worlds with this color. You don’t have to worry about the consequences, because there is none. Now you can enjoy your new and also healthy hair. However, there are some debates regarding this color, because there are some products that have chemical substances and they said these substances can cause cancer disease. That is true, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same when it comes to demi hair color.

How To Use It?

For the usage, it’s same with the other hair coloring products out there. Some demi hair color products can last longer if you apply it carefully from the hair roots, continued to the all parts of your hair. With this simple method, the dark color will stay longer. Another thing that you have to remember is minimize your shampoo usage to make the color stays longer (due to the fact that this color is going away because of shampoo usage). This color is also good for fixing your hair that already damaged from previous hair coloring products.

All Things about Color Hair Dye

All Things about Color Hair Dye

Color hair dye is one of the things in this world that sometimes makes women confused. As you know, there are reasons why people, especially women, like to coloring their hair with various colors. Some women love to looks different in front of everyone; some women believe that they are more beautiful with certain hair color and there are some women that gain more confidence from coloring their hair. Dyed hair girl can have a new feeling of confidence because of a different look. Any kind of psychical change can make a woman feel empowered, especially extreme hair colors. No wonder, there are so many hair coloring products out there that make women confused. But don’t worry! This article will try to help you to choose the best one from those hair-coloring products.

Few Things to Have in Mind With Extreme Hair Colors

The first thing that you should care about your color hair dye is the suitability with your skin, to make sure that you are looks great with your new hair color! For example, if your skin is white, the best hair colors for you might be those bright colors like red, blue, green or maybe blonde. If your skin is toned or dark, the best colors that we want to recommend are colors like brown, dark brown or blonde. But remember, you also can choose whatever color that you want, as long as it makes you confident enough in your daily activities. The second thing that you should care too is about the substance of the product. If you have allergic skin (especially on your head skin), avoid those products that made from chemical substance, unless you want to damage your hair and your head skin.

Be Cautious

Nowadays, there are a lot of hair coloring products that made from natural substances that you can buy on stores. We believe that these natural products are your best choice. The third thing that you should care about is the effect for your hair that caused by these products. Some products might make your hair looks shiny and beautiful, but there are also products that make your hair looks bitter and dull. You have to pay attention which product you are buying, they are not the same. There is a variety of products and variety of quality. Besides that, some colors may not suit your hair type, so have that in mind. As mentioned previously, natural products are a way to go. They are safe and you can’t go wrong with them. Be careful!

How to Become a Dyed Hair Girl

There are also things that you need to know about hair coloring products usage, so you can get the maximum benefit. You have to apply this from the hair roots first and continue to cover all of your hair with the substance. This method will help you to looks perfect, even if your grey hairs are starting to grow. Another recommendation from us is always remember that you have to wait at least for 5 weeks before apply any hair color product to your hair. With these tips, you should be covered. Think about which color you want, will it suit you and finally, choose a product with as less chemical substances as possible. Your hair needs to look nice and fresh but also healthy and shiny. A women hair says a lot about her and how she treats herself. With that in mind, you will be satisfied with your final look, for sure.

Facts about Auburn Hair Color

Facts about Auburn Hair Color

Auburn hair color is getting a lot of attention nowadays! This hair color is known as the combination of red and brown color, some people called this hair color as reddish-brown hair color. This color originally is the natural color for people from Northern Europe, and this is why many people believe that this hair color is really suitable with white or fair skin color. However, there are also many people from other countries that coloring their hair with this color. Of course, there are some reasons for that. If you are interested in what those reasons are, we will be more than happy to inform you about them. Maybe it will make you changed your hair color yourself. Without further ado, this is what we have to say about this topic.

Why Is It Popular?

First of all, it’s about the physical looks. As you know, many people, especially women, want to color their hair to looks better in front of everyone. There are also women that believe they can get more confidence if they coloring their hair. This is why auburn hair color is in the favorite list. With its reddish-brown color, many women believe that this color is representing the true beauty of a woman in front of everyone.  The second reason is because of this color’s availability in the market. There are a lot of hair coloring products which color is auburn hair color. Truly, women can look so feminine and strong at the same time with this hair color. Women pay attention to how they look, thus the hair is an inevitable part. It has to be perfect at all times.

A Few More Reasons

We recommend you to choose the products that made by the natural substances, because the damage for your hair will be not that much (if you compare it to the chemical hair coloring products).  The fourth reason is about the variety of the auburn hair color itself! There are colors like fiery red auburn, copper auburn, fiery ginger auburn and the others. Don’t forget to have a consultation with your hair stylish about these colors, because some of them are not sold in the common market. So, if you want a particular one, you may not find it in a store. It doesn’t mean everything is lost since hair salons have much more than a store has. They will take care of it and make you look beautiful. If you want a changed that will be a positive one, dying your hair in such a color is a good choice.

What You Should Know

There are also some rules that you have to know if you want to color your hair with this color. First, usual hair coloring products can stay on your hair for 6 weeks, so make sure that you only use this product once for every 6 weeks. Second, when you want to apply this product on your hair, you have to start from your hair roots, and then continue it to all parts of your hair. This is very important because it will give the better result for your hair. The third thing is about the usage of the product. If you are a women with the auburn hair color since you are born in this world, don’t use this product frequently. It will give your hair some damage and also make your hair looks dull and brittle.